Capsule Wardrobe and 3 easy pays!

The perfect wardrobe can be simple, easy to mix and match and not a burden for closet space. 6 - 8 pieces can give you over 25 looks!! You'll have pieces that are special but easy to care for.

Let us help you build your very own capsule wardrobe - less really is more.

Take your selections home with you on a 3 easy payment plan!


Caring for your wools

Wool disinfects itself in fresh air, so it has a natural resistance to odours, therefore it does NOT need to be washed frequently.

  1. Hand washing is recommended.
  2. Turn your garment inside out to reduce pilling.
  3. Fill a basin with lukewarm water using a detergent made for delicate garments.
  4. Completely submerge your piece in the water for a light soak.
  5. Rinse in lukewarm water.

Do not twist or wring it instead squeeze it carefully to get as much water out as possible. Lay the garment out on a towel, roll the garment in it to absorb the water. Reshape the garment while damp laying it flat on a dry towel to dry. Warm iron with a lot of steam on reverse if required.Always try to avoid washing your garment too often, that’s the best care for both the nature and the garment!

Local. Timeless. Luxurious.

Visit Claudia owner of Shear Luxury in Inglewood and you will be mesmerized by her presence and her smile. She is kind, appreciative and full of life! Her passion for her store, her customers and her design selects goes well beyond the fun buying trips, the product displays or the incomparable customer service. The boutique is welcoming and focuses on providing a friendly personalized experience. If you don’t meet Claudia, you’ll be in equally good hands with Terry Anne. Terry Anne has a knack for pointing out special finds unique to you.

Claudia does everything with purpose. She selects every piece with the “right” woman in mind. As a woman, you will feel beautiful, confident and empowered – like you can conquer the world. We all know that the way we dress affects the way we feel, how others perceive us, and our ability to influence.

Bursting with fashion, shoes and accessories Shear Luxury caters to the discerning woman that understands that owning key pieces immediately adds gravitas to their look. They strive to build their wardrobes with investment pieces that you will love for years following a philosophy of less is more.

Discover premium labels and one-of-a-kind fashion all with their own cult-like following like Sarah Pacini, Merinomink, European Culture, Up! Pants, Zanetti or the finest Italian cashmere designed and made in Canada from Artigiani Milanesi. Adding to these quality lines are Claudia’s own personally designed shoes handmade by Zonkey Boots in Italy and, Alberto Fasciani footwear, Abro handbags, Erica Molinari and Andrea Blais jewelry makes for a robust selection. Trust me – the shoes alone will take your love of shoes to an entirely different level.

It’s what’s referred to as “slow fashion” says Claudia “simple, well-made designs, quality fabrics where everything goes with everything.”

What's in a name?

Inglewood has been blessed with the addition of a retailer of both men’s and ladies’ fashions. But don’t kid yourself, this just isn’t another clothing store that carries those brands your accustomed to seeing. This store has one-of-a-kind classic designs with pieces that can be passed on through generations.

This passion project of Claudia Wierzba all started with a pink hat purchased on a trip to New Zealand. The hat, its texture, the warmth, the natural fibres Claudia loved it – it was like nothing else she’d had. And, so the pursuit began to offer Calgarians, Albertans and Canadians with premium, luxurious, simple one-of-a-kind fashions and superior Italian made footwear (with a bend to riding boots). Check out the pink hat in store – this hat is sure to be a staple offering for years to come.

Products are one-of-a-kind made in either Peru or New Zealand with the finest baby alpaca wool, cashmere, silks and linens. Claudia the store owner has left no stone unturned ensuring she has ethically sourced materials and has built personal relationship with her manufacturers. Not just any store can say that Miss Erika or Mr. Faustino and Mrs. Luce’s weaving workshop created this piece to the exacting design specifications making the fit of all items extraordinary! It a special and treasured relationship designing and creating pieces that are sure to become modern heirlooms. It’s what’s referred to as “slow fashion” says Claudia “simple designs, quality fabrics where everything goes with everything.”

Ethically Sourced a Meaningful Difference

We care about the people that we work with, and ensure that we are providing a proper living wage so that our designers and manufacturers can feed their families and live in comfort.

Fibres are sourced from ethical mills in Peru, brushtail possum from New Zealand, Italian linen, cashmere, merino wool and more. We are proud that we are fully aware of every step in our supply chain.

In a society of disposable clothing filling our landfills, we are helping end the garbage created by garments that are being tossed aside after 3 - 5 washes.

To us ethical doesn’t mean vegan. We are doing all we can to be ethical in how we treat our resources from the people to the animals these fine fabrics come from.

Garrett, an onsite brand ambassador and fashion assistant, sees it time and time again “I love the facial expressions when my customers put on a piece of our clothing and instantly appreciate how it makes them feel.”

Shear Luxury – when you really want to look forward to what you’re about to wear.

Outfit of the Day

Outfit of the day! Our Untouched World kite tee is the perfect everyday t shirt and layering piece. A tee shirt made in companionship with Freeset Global. It tells the story of freedom by providing women, who were previously trapped in India's sex trade, jobs and a community to grow in. Stop by our store in Inglewood to see all the Untouched World pieces we have to offer for men, women and children!

These Boots Were Made for Walking …

The Calgary Stampede is only two weeks away and Ladies we have the perfect addition for your Stampede attire. Made by Alberto Fasciani with the finest Italian leather, the Calipso is the perfect pair of boots to rejuvenate your Stampede wardrobe. If Cowgirl boots aren’t right for you, don’t worry; we have an astonishing variety of women’s footwear. Come visit us in Inlgewood to find the perfect pair for you!

Looking for a Last Minute Father's Day Gift?

We have a wide variety of Untouched World merino wool shirts and socks that look excellent on and off the golf course and our own privately designed Shear Luxury knits are excellent layering pieces. The merino wool is wicking and the socks are naturally deodorizing so Dad will be perfectly comfortable this Father's Day. If you aren't sure what your father may like, we have gift cards available in any denomination!

Weaving Fibers and Ethics

Visiting Mr. Faustino and Mrs. Luce's weaving workshop

Visiting Mr. Faustino and Mrs. Luce's weaving workshop

As my dream of Shear Luxury began to form, I became increasingly aware of the impact the fashion industry had on both humans and the environment. The more I learned, the more important ethically sourced garments became: and as the news came out about the collapse of the Rana Plaza Garment Factory, where 1,100 people were killed and 3,000 injured, I decided sustainability and ethical working conditions will be the backbone of Shear Luxury.

And so the adventure to find the finest fibres that are ethically made began. Our first stop was Peru and we fell in love with the beautiful fibres, the gorgeous finished garments, and the unparalleled skill of the local artisans. We were fortunate enough to to meet Miss Ericka, who is a phenomenal designer and creates her own fabric from baby alpacas. Once a designer was found we needed to find an artisanal weaver to bring the vision to life; we were soon introduced to Mr. Faustino and Mrs. Luce, a husband and wife team that creates beautiful garments.

During our travels through Peru we saw our entire supply chain; the alpacas that the fibre comes from, the spinning factories where the yarn is produced, the designer that creates the patterns, and the weavers who produces the finished garment. I am proud of the fact that we know our entire supply chain, and when you buy a Shear Luxury sweater, you will know #whomademyclothes

I am passionate that you can create products from the finest of fibres and be true to the artists who are creating your fashion. I look forward to you experiencing our beautiful garments soon.

How it all Began

I had no idea that a trip to New Zealand and the purchase of a pink hat on a chilly day in Auckland would lead me on an incredible journey now known as Shear Luxury.

In 2011, Grant and I travelled to New Zealand; I popped into a store in Auckland and discovered Merinomonk (a combination of soft merino fiber, possum fur and a little silk). I learned that the blend of these fine fibres creates the softest, warmest, and lightweight sweaters and accessories for men, women and children. As I was enjoying the sheer luxury of my pink hat, I started asking Grant if he too thought that people back home would be interested in products made of these beautiful materials.

It was the discovery of the buttery softness of that hat that has taken me around the world sourcing the finest fabrics knitwear has to offer. Five years of research has lead me to sourcing and creating products made from the finest fibres, such as Baby Alpaca, Vicuna (also referred to as Fiber of the Gods), Merino and Merino/Possum blends. Through the years of research, I have learned the importance of fiber content and want to share the love and comfort of “itch free” knitwear with all of my customers.

It is so hard to believe that the dream of ShearLuxury has now become my reality. And the pink hat that started it all; I am happy to say it will be a staple at ShearLuxury for years to come!

I have seen, touched and tried the finest of fibres and am now thrilled to be able to make them available to people across Canada, starting in the heart of Calgary.