How it all Began

I had no idea that a trip to New Zealand and the purchase of a pink hat on a chilly day in Auckland would lead me on an incredible journey now known as Shear Luxury.

In 2011, Grant and I travelled to New Zealand; I popped into a store in Auckland and discovered Merinomonk (a combination of soft merino fiber, possum fur and a little silk). I learned that the blend of these fine fibres creates the softest, warmest, and lightweight sweaters and accessories for men, women and children. As I was enjoying the sheer luxury of my pink hat, I started asking Grant if he too thought that people back home would be interested in products made of these beautiful materials.

It was the discovery of the buttery softness of that hat that has taken me around the world sourcing the finest fabrics knitwear has to offer. Five years of research has lead me to sourcing and creating products made from the finest fibres, such as Baby Alpaca, Vicuna (also referred to as Fiber of the Gods), Merino and Merino/Possum blends. Through the years of research, I have learned the importance of fiber content and want to share the love and comfort of “itch free” knitwear with all of my customers.

It is so hard to believe that the dream of ShearLuxury has now become my reality. And the pink hat that started it all; I am happy to say it will be a staple at ShearLuxury for years to come!

I have seen, touched and tried the finest of fibres and am now thrilled to be able to make them available to people across Canada, starting in the heart of Calgary.