Caring for your wools

Wool disinfects itself in fresh air, so it has a natural resistance to odours, therefore it does NOT need to be washed frequently.

  1. Hand washing is recommended.
  2. Turn your garment inside out to reduce pilling.
  3. Fill a basin with lukewarm water using a detergent made for delicate garments.
  4. Completely submerge your piece in the water for a light soak.
  5. Rinse in lukewarm water.

Do not twist or wring it instead squeeze it carefully to get as much water out as possible. Lay the garment out on a towel, roll the garment in it to absorb the water. Reshape the garment while damp laying it flat on a dry towel to dry. Warm iron with a lot of steam on reverse if required.Always try to avoid washing your garment too often, that’s the best care for both the nature and the garment!