What's in a name?

Inglewood has been blessed with the addition of a retailer of both men’s and ladies’ fashions. But don’t kid yourself, this just isn’t another clothing store that carries those brands your accustomed to seeing. This store has one-of-a-kind classic designs with pieces that can be passed on through generations.

This passion project of Claudia Wierzba all started with a pink hat purchased on a trip to New Zealand. The hat, its texture, the warmth, the natural fibres Claudia loved it – it was like nothing else she’d had. And, so the pursuit began to offer Calgarians, Albertans and Canadians with premium, luxurious, simple one-of-a-kind fashions and superior Italian made footwear (with a bend to riding boots). Check out the pink hat in store – this hat is sure to be a staple offering for years to come.

Products are one-of-a-kind made in either Peru or New Zealand with the finest baby alpaca wool, cashmere, silks and linens. Claudia the store owner has left no stone unturned ensuring she has ethically sourced materials and has built personal relationship with her manufacturers. Not just any store can say that Miss Erika or Mr. Faustino and Mrs. Luce’s weaving workshop created this piece to the exacting design specifications making the fit of all items extraordinary! It a special and treasured relationship designing and creating pieces that are sure to become modern heirlooms. It’s what’s referred to as “slow fashion” says Claudia “simple designs, quality fabrics where everything goes with everything.”

Ethically Sourced a Meaningful Difference

We care about the people that we work with, and ensure that we are providing a proper living wage so that our designers and manufacturers can feed their families and live in comfort.

Fibres are sourced from ethical mills in Peru, brushtail possum from New Zealand, Italian linen, cashmere, merino wool and more. We are proud that we are fully aware of every step in our supply chain.

In a society of disposable clothing filling our landfills, we are helping end the garbage created by garments that are being tossed aside after 3 - 5 washes.

To us ethical doesn’t mean vegan. We are doing all we can to be ethical in how we treat our resources from the people to the animals these fine fabrics come from.

Garrett, an onsite brand ambassador and fashion assistant, sees it time and time again “I love the facial expressions when my customers put on a piece of our clothing and instantly appreciate how it makes them feel.”

Shear Luxury – when you really want to look forward to what you’re about to wear.