Weaving Fibers and Ethics

Visiting Mr. Faustino and Mrs. Luce's weaving workshop

Visiting Mr. Faustino and Mrs. Luce's weaving workshop

As my dream of Shear Luxury began to form, I became increasingly aware of the impact the fashion industry had on both humans and the environment. The more I learned, the more important ethically sourced garments became: and as the news came out about the collapse of the Rana Plaza Garment Factory, where 1,100 people were killed and 3,000 injured, I decided sustainability and ethical working conditions will be the backbone of Shear Luxury.

And so the adventure to find the finest fibres that are ethically made began. Our first stop was Peru and we fell in love with the beautiful fibres, the gorgeous finished garments, and the unparalleled skill of the local artisans. We were fortunate enough to to meet Miss Ericka, who is a phenomenal designer and creates her own fabric from baby alpacas. Once a designer was found we needed to find an artisanal weaver to bring the vision to life; we were soon introduced to Mr. Faustino and Mrs. Luce, a husband and wife team that creates beautiful garments.

During our travels through Peru we saw our entire supply chain; the alpacas that the fibre comes from, the spinning factories where the yarn is produced, the designer that creates the patterns, and the weavers who produces the finished garment. I am proud of the fact that we know our entire supply chain, and when you buy a Shear Luxury sweater, you will know #whomademyclothes

I am passionate that you can create products from the finest of fibres and be true to the artists who are creating your fashion. I look forward to you experiencing our beautiful garments soon.